3 Really Great Reasons to Consider Temporary Staffing

By Team StaffingForce on April 3, 2017

Photo I 3 Really Great Reasons to Consider Temporary Staffing.jpegWhen it comes to temporary staffing, there are a variety of opinions. Some experts say that it’s no different than having a high turnover rate among permanent employees, while others feel that it’s a great way to control expenses and better manage your time. At StaffingForce, we tend to go with the latter; temp hires fill voids in your company with very little financial commitment. Here are a few reasons why we love the idea of temporary staffing.

It’s a fantastic way to “try before you buy”.

If you own or manage a business, you surely know that it’s much easier to hire someone than it is to fire someone. Once that person becomes an employee of your business, you’re bound by a vast and complex set of labor regulations. Temporary staffing gives you the opportunity to take your team for a test drive, and if they feel like the right fit, you can always offer a permanent position later down the road.

Temporary staffing is the perfect solution to fluctuating cash flow.

Your business may or may not be a “seasonal” operation, but just about every business has fluctuations in cash flow. If you know that you will be busier during certain times of the year, hire temporary staff to support you during that time. This will save you from unemployment concerns (among other things) when it’s time to say goodbye.

It will give your team morale a boost.

Bringing on a temporary labor force tells your permanent staff members that you recognize how busy they are and you are prepared to provide a bit of extra support when they need it. The fact that these new helpers are definitely temporary will also give your team peace of mind. They’ll know that the new crew is no threat to their own job, so they’ll be more welcoming to your temp hires.

Whether you are for or against temporary staffing depends on your unique situation, but whatever the case, don’t be so quick to dismiss the value of short-term employees. They just might be the exact solution that you (and your team) have been searching for.