3 Reasons Why Your Employees Bail on Staff Meetings

By Team StaffingForce on June 15, 2017

Photo I 3 Reasons Why Your Employees Keep Bailing on Staff Meetings.jpege've all heard employees say, "meetings are a waste of time." Moreover, most managers have actually shared in that sentiment a time or two themselves, and it's easy to see why. Without proper direction, meetings can get derailed fairly quickly. Unfortunately, because this stigma exists, many employees today simply find reasons to skip staff meetings altogether. Here are 3 top reasons why employees bail on staff meetings: 

There's no incentive to attend. It's there day off, and they feel like they've heard it all before. They don't see the value in attending, and you're not offering anything that will make them think otherwise. Next time, consider offering double their pay for the duration of the meeting, providing food and beverages, and even letting the employees lead. 

You're not giving enough advanced notice, or you're scheduling your meetings. You can't expect to send a mass text message and have your entire staff show up twenty minutes later on a Saturday night. There are very few industries that warrant "emergency" staff meetings, and even in those fields, it's a rare occurrence. 

You're working with the wrong crew. If your staff is not invested in the success of your business, they're clearly not going to be interested in attending meetings to discuss your company's current state of affairs and room for growth. If you find that this is the case, you may want to consider disciplinary action for failure to show up for meetings. 

It may take some time, but a bit a troubleshooting will ensure that your staff stops bailing on those important meetings.