3 Team Building Activities That You Can Do Today

By Team StaffingForce on April 23, 2016

5._3_Team_Building_Activities_That_You_Can_Do_Today.jpegTeam-building activities are great opportunities for companies to strengthen professional bonds between employees.  These fun, simple activities allow businesses to focus on building value and creating a workspace conducive to friendly communication, cooperation and productivity. 

A successful team is one that is bonded, that not only works well together but trusts one another and shares the enjoyment of their work.  But it can be tricky establishing and developing those bonds.  That is where a good team-building activity comes in…it’s a chance to break down some walls and get to know one another. 

Here are a few team-building ideas that you can do today, that are sure to inspire new bonds:

  • Office Trivia: Create 20 – 25 trivia questions specific to your workplace that will test your team’s knowledge.  Here are a few examples:
    • What color are the break room tiles?
    • How many windows are in the entire office?
    • What brand are the computer monitors?
    • How many people are in the sales department?
  • Coat of Arms: Let your teams create a company coat of arms.  Draw lines separating a piece of paper (aka “shield”) into three sections.  In the first space, have teams draw something that represents a recent achievement.  In the second, draw something that reflects your company values.  In the third, draw something that represents your company’s future. Hang them around the office as inspiration.  
  • Shrinking Vessel: Using tape to mark the floor, outline a space and have your whole group stand in that space.  Gradually shrink the space so the team inside the boundary will have to think fast and work together to keep everyone within the shrinking space. 

By taking the time to do a few simple team-building activities, you can help inspire better teamwork in the workplace as well as overall success.

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