Tips for Writing a Targeted Resume

23. Tips for Writing a Targeted Resume.jpeg

Job seekers are often told to have multiple resumes prepared when it comes to job hunting. But, do you know why? Targeted resumes are an excellent way to improve your chances of making it to the top of a very short list. They are tailored to each job and their requirements, highlighting varying, specific skills and experiences. And, it’s as simple as edit, proof and repeat. Here are some tips to help you write a great targeted resume:

  • Review the Job Description. First, ask yourself, “Is this job a good fit for me?” Don’t waste time making needless, time-consuming revisions unless you are sure that you would be a good match for the position and that your resume will make an attractive statement.

  • Emphasize Your Qualifications. Edit to highlight the exact qualities and skills that the job requires.

  • Use Keywords. Tailor your resume to include the exact keywords that were used in the job description to describe your skills and experiences. The closer the match, the more likely your resume will stand out.

  • Write a Summary. If you don’t have time to rewrite your entire resume, write a brief, position-targeted Summary section that highlights your strengths, and put it at the top of your resume.

  • Proofread! Every time you alter your resume, check and re-check for spelling, grammatical and accuracy errors.

  • Review. Make sure that your education, experience and credentials (that best match your targeted position) are up top in your Summary section. Then, list your positions and experiences in reverse chronological order. Check dates, job titles, skills, etc. one last time.

  • Target Your Cover Letter. As you’ve tailored your resume, do the same with your cover letter, again, highlighting the skills that best match the job description.

While editing your resume to target each individual position may take some time and effort, remember that each specific alteration will better help to make a clear and lasting impression on the person who reads it and is more likely to land you the job!