What You Need to Know About Staffing World 2016

By Team StaffingForce on October 15, 2016

Photo I Staffing World.jpegAs we’re fresh off of our own convention attendance at TechDay, we wanted to take a look at some of the other conventions and events that are influencing the staffing industry.  

Staffing World 2016 is coming up in just a few short weeks.  It is the largest and most comprehensive staffing convention and trade show in our workforce solutions industry.  The event will host world-class speakers, cutting-edge exhibitors and some of the greatest minds in the business.  That’s why we wanted to bring some attention to it, as industry-wide events, like these, are an ever-growing trend within the staffing industry.  

Each and every year, our sources for information, connections, opportunities and technologies expand turning the staffing industry into a highly-sought after, global resource.  What once was a more hush-hush business, where few would like to admit that they sought and found career opportunities through staffing agencies, is now a global phenomenon that has become the norm, and thus, we’re seeing more and more staffing events and conventions pop-up to popular demand.  

There are now major staffing events, world-wide, that both job-seekers and industry leaders come out in droves for, each year.  These events are incredible opportunities for industry experts and members of our community to come together to share information for all to benefit from and improve the staffing industry as a whole.  Industry executives, leaders, professionals, innovators, employees, employers and, of course, job-seekers all come out for these exciting events to experience the future of the staffing industry as well as to see a glimpse of how we have changed the job market.  

So, whether you’re new to the staffing industry or an industry veteran, you may want to keep an eye out for more staffing events, like Staffing World, and consider making them a part of your yearly routine.  You have nothing but valuable, cutting-edge information to gain!

Learn more about Staffing World 2016 HERE