Daily Habits That Will Allow Managers to Manage Their Energy, Rather Than Time

By Team StaffingForce on January 18, 2017

Photo I Daily Habits That Will Allow Managers to Manage Their Energy, Rather Than Time.jpegThe key to better management lies not with how you manage your time, rather with how you manage your energy. After all, time is finite, but the quality and quantity of your energy is not. But, that is the very key to improving performance and productivity – managing your energy.

Any manager who has ever tried to plan their day by a to-do list knows that they rarely work out as planned. It’s far too easy to be derailed during work hours as emails and meetings pile up, breaking focus and forcing you to reprioritize. That’s why you should shift your focus to better managing your energy to bring out your best performance no matter what comes your way. Whether it’s a simple conversation or contributing new ideas during a meeting, your energy levels are what will ultimately bring forth results.

So, how can you better manage your energy? Here are a few habits to incorporate into your daily routine: 

  • Break it Up – When presented with a new project, the saying often goes, “It’s a marathon, not a sprint.” But, perhaps you should approach it as both a marathon and a sprint. To avoid burnout, try separating your larger goal into smaller short-term goals. This way, you work in a series of sprints while delivering high performance work because there is always an immediate goal and sense of achievement.   
  • Be a Motivator – As a manager, your team will feed off of your energy, so be their motivation and energizer. When you are fully present, attentive and interactive, overall performance will see a huge boost in energy.
  • Don’t Drain, Sustain – Avoid those activities, conversations or tasks that bring you down. It’s easy to get bogged down with other people’s problems, whether internal or external, so manage your day in a way that best serves you. If that means scheduling more time to meet with family and friends, do that. These positive interactions will help you maintain high levels of energy.

Once you find your strengths, share them with your team, and together you’ll be able to achieve greater levels of performance through a more energized atmosphere.