How To Talk To Your Employee Candidly If They Are Falling Behind

By Team StaffingForce on January 25, 2017

Photo I How To Talk To Your Employee Candidly If They Are Falling Behind.jpegThe best managers are those who coach their employees to become, not just better workers, but better people. They provide everything their team members need in order to achieve success. This is especially true when it comes to handling those employees who may be falling behind.

Though an uncomfortable situation, candid conversations are absolutely necessary when it comes to facing an employee’s particular challenges head on. After all, it is your job to see that they succeed, and their success, or lack thereof, is a direct reflection of your abilities and your team’s overall achievement. So, where do you start? These steps will help open up a clear and open channel for communication:

  • Explain: In a private conversation, clearly explain why certain issues need to be addressed and what changes need to be made. Be proactive. Provide a strategy to explain where you are going, what your plans are to get them up-to-speed, what roles you will both play to contribute to the changes, and what your hopes are for the end results and their position as part of the team.
  • Discuss: Have an open conversation to make sure that your employee understands where they and your goals stand. Don’t move forward until everything is perfectly clear.
  • Collaborate: Get your employee involved in strategies to help bring them up to speed, discussing potential solutions and approaches. Dig deep, working to find the root cause of their lack in performance so that you can find a way to solve each symptom. This collaboration will help you set performance goals.
  • Reinforce: After your conversation, be sure to recognize positive efforts and changes to encourage continued forward movement. Show your appreciation for both what they are doing as well as for who they are as a person.

These steps will help open the floor to candid conversation as well as open a pathway for improving performance and accountability.