Is Excessive Overtime Killing Your Productivity?

By Team StaffingForce on August 1, 2017

AdobeStock_64803439 (1).jpegAll too often, we hear employers complaining about the cost of overtime. Whether it's intentional overtime that is caused by understaffing or your employees are running up incidental overtime hours, the fact remains that overtime can cost you a pretty penny if you're not careful. Have you ever wondered, though, what it's costing your employees? Even worse, are your customers paying the price, too? Let's take a look at some of the ways that excessive overtime could be killing your productivity. 

Overworked employees are more prone to illness. It makes sense, doesn't it? No matter your age or what your occupation may be, when you are exhausted, your defenses are weakened. You're more likely to catch whatever bugs may be going around at the time.

Employees who work more hours are more likely to have on-the-job accidents. In an earlier article, we talked about workplace safety and how important it is to be as diligent as possible in the prevention of accidents. Limiting overtime hours definitely plays a role in this. Tire employees are bound to suffer accidents, some of which can be very severe, depending on your industry.

Excessive overtime leads to poor customer service. If you don't think your customers will notice how tired your employees are, think again. They will absolutely be able to tell. Exhausted employees are naturally less welcoming, move slower, forget important details, and more. The bottom line here is that overworking your employees is bad for business. 

Don't let excessive overtime kill your company's productivity. Make sure that you staff your business adequately, manage clock-ins and clock-outs, ensure that employees take their breaks, and foster an environment that encourages good health and an appropriate work-life balance.