Should Your Business Participate in Job Fairs?

By Team StaffingForce on August 21, 2016

Photo_I_Hiring_Manager_2_Should_Your_Business_Participate_in_Job_Fairs.jpegBusinesses are constantly challenged with the task of attracting and hiring qualified candidates.  Though job fairs may seem like a thing of the past, the fact is, they are alive and in full swing with more businesses than ever participating.  Job fairs are an excellent way to attract candidates without the need to advertise for open positions.  The best part is that, in addition to those job fairs for the general market, there are also those that are industry specific.  So, really, the question should be, why shouldn’t you participate?  Here’s how you’ll benefit: 

  • You’ll save money – In order to attract qualified candidates, you need to advertise, but advertising is both expensive and time consuming.  Job fairs, however, will pool a large selection of qualified candidates eliminating the need to resort to less effective means of advertising, like newspapers.  These events often require an entry fee, but they do most of the leg-work for you in a fraction of the time saves everyone time, money and energy in the long run.  
  • You’ll make personal connections – Job fairs give employers a chance to meet and bond with lots of potential candidates.  This face-to-face interaction is essential in the hiring process as it gives hiring managers a chance to see which candidates would best fit with their company.
  • You can conduct on-the-spot interviews – The interview process can be long and time consuming.  But, when you attend a job fair, you have the chance to meet a large pool of candidates, make those personal connections and conduct on-the-spot interviews with those who immediately make an impression. 
  • You’ll gain visibility and publicity – Job fairs are both local and international events that are highly advertised.  Therefore, your participation is essentially free advertising for your business as your company name will be included in all announcements and promotional materials. 

Have you had a positive experience with a job fair in the past? Tell us about it in the comments below!