Tips for Writing Your Own Professional Bio

By Team StaffingForce on August 24, 2016

Photo_I_Job_Seeker_Tips_for_Writing_Your_Own_Professional_Bio.jpegThese days, having a pre-written professional bio on hand is more important than ever before. Sorting through excessively long documents about individuals and their credentials quickly becomes exhausting for hiring managers, and you can bet that they'll look for your various online profiles to find the information they're looking for. That is why your bio just may be one of the most important things that you ever write.  They are helpful for a number of reasons, especially when it comes to applying for a job, as they provide a quick and concise overview of who you are and what you do.     

To get started on yours, follow these simple tips:

  • Know your true self – While it might be tempting to list all of your accomplishments, don’t. That goes on your resume.  Your bio should show you, your personality, the person behind all of those accomplishments and should be written in your authentic voice.  Take time to figure out what strengths you carry that make you good at your job, but remember that you are more than just a job.  Your bio should make readers feel like they already know you.   
  • Know your reader – Remember that you are not writing your bio for you; you are writing for those who will be reading it.  Write something that others might want to know about you.  If it helps, think of a specific individual who might read your bio in the future, and write to them. 
  • Keep it short and sweet – Bios should be kept within certain length restrictions.  If no limits are provided, it is best to write within the confines of one page, just as you would your resume.  However, even if a certain length is requested, it is good practice to shorten your submission.  Shorter bios tend to be more easily noticed, read first and remembered more often, as they meet the challenge of grabbing attention with a quick punch.

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