3 Things You Should Never Include in a Help Wanted Ad

By Team StaffingForce on September 29, 2017

Job advertisements are key in catching the eye of your perfect candidates. While there are many factors that play into attracting applicants, the most important part is how you word your help wanted ad. There are certainly many elements that you should include, but there are also a few that you shouldn’t. Let’s take a look:

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What You Should Know Before Hiring Your Employees' Friends

By Team StaffingForce on April 10, 2017

Nobody will argue with you about the importance of workplace culture. It is perhaps one of the biggest factors in employee turnover, which can cost your business thousands of dollars each year, if you let it get out of control. Needless to say, workplace culture deserves a second (and sometimes a third) look by your upper management team, and many experts will argue that one way to cultivate a positive workplace culture is by relying on your current employees’ connection as your primary pool of candidates. Others will tell you that you shouldn’t dream of indulging this form of nepotism. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons.

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3 Really Great Reasons to Consider Temporary Staffing

By Team StaffingForce on April 3, 2017

When it comes to temporary staffing, there are a variety of opinions. Some experts say that it’s no different than having a high turnover rate among permanent employees, while others feel that it’s a great way to control expenses and better manage your time. At StaffingForce, we tend to go with the latter; temp hires fill voids in your company with very little financial commitment. Here are a few reasons why we love the idea of temporary staffing.

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Think Outside the Box When it Comes to Winning Top Talent from Competitors

By Team StaffingForce on January 9, 2017

It’s no secret that competition for top talent is at an all-time high. As technologies and skills continue to evolve and our trained workforce ages, more and more pressure falls on recruiters, employers and even employees to get creative when it comes to attracting outstanding candidates. While the best companies have long-learned how to quickly attract and retain winning candidates, the truth is that many recruiters and HR professionals have difficulty finding these talents. 

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Do Seasonal Employees Qualify for Unemployment When They Go?

By Team StaffingForce on November 15, 2016

For those employees who are seasonal workers and don’t have the traditional nine-to-five, year-round job, benefits can be tricky. Unemployment, in particular, is a common question that comes up when seasonal positions end and employees leave. While some benefits are required, across the board, the truth is that most vary according to state. 

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Special Considerations for Hiring Seasonal Employees

By Team StaffingForce on November 10, 2016

A lot of business needs and business practices change with the seasons. Often, when this happens, employers look to hire extra, or seasonal, employees to help maintain productivity and workflow; its common practice. As you begin to search for and hire seasonal workers, though, there are a few special considerations that you need to keep in mind. Many laws and regulations that apply to full-time employees also apply to seasonal and part-time employees. Here’s what you need to know:    

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10 of the Top Certifications and What These Can Do for Your Business

By Team StaffingForce on October 23, 2016

There are a great number of reasons why employees and employers might pursue professional certifications. While they help supplement career credentials, earned certificates also validate a person’s high-level of expertise in a given area and assign prestige. As a business looking to grow, you want to attract and encourage employees who have both, so it’s no surprise that certifications, and employees who hold these certifications, can greatly benefit your business.

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Features That Businesses Look for in Recruitment Agencies

By Team StaffingForce on September 27, 2016

Because employee recruitment takes a great deal of time and energy, many businesses find that they simply aren’t able to take the necessary time to do it well. That is why they turn to recruitment agencies who have the ability to fill their specific needs in a timely manner. However, before your business signs on with a recruitment agency, you should be sure that they meet all of the following essential requirements:  

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Why Some Recruiters Are More Successful Than Others

By Team StaffingForce on August 29, 2016

Successful recruiters have the whole package. They are career counselors, consultants, salesmen, advisors, fact finders, and so much more.  A great recruiter is able to provide candidates with both sides of presented opportunities, the benefits and the challenges, while taking the time to learn exactly what each candidate is looking for in their career.  Recruiting takes time, energy and a keen ability to build trusting relationships with both candidates and clients.  

There are so many elements and regular habits that make great recruiters successful. Below, we have listed out just a few of these practices, and if you incorporate them into your routine, you’ll be taking your place among their ranks in no time.

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Should Your Business Participate in Job Fairs?

By Team StaffingForce on August 21, 2016

Businesses are constantly challenged with the task of attracting and hiring qualified candidates.  Though job fairs may seem like a thing of the past, the fact is, they are alive and in full swing with more businesses than ever participating.  Job fairs are an excellent way to attract candidates without the need to advertise for open positions.  The best part is that, in addition to those job fairs for the general market, there are also those that are industry specific.  So, really, the question should be, why shouldn’t you participate?  Here’s how you’ll benefit: 

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