Veteran Employment FAQs: Your First Civilian Job Hunt

By Team StaffingForce on October 10, 2016

Photo_I_Veteran_Employment_FAQs_Your_First_Civilian_Job_Hunt.jpegJob hunting in the best of circumstances is demanding and time-consuming. For veterans seeking employment after returning from deployment, it can be even more daunting as they readjust to civilian life. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources available to get you through the process, including the StaffingForce blog (we're thrilled you're here!).  

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to finding a job during life after service:

  • QUESTION: How do I put a resume together?  
Building the right resume tailored for the job that you want takes time and, often, assistance.  Veterans can attend resume workshops specifically dedicated to helping veterans translate their military experience into civilian-friendly terms.  You can also find resources online and at job centers.
  • QUESTION: How do I go about finding a job to apply for?  
Networking is key to finding a job these days, so use your resources and ask around.  Talk to other service members, and don’t hesitate to let people know that you are actively seeking employment.
  • QUESTION: How do I prepare for an interview?  
As with any skill, practice makes perfect.  Practice interviewing with non-military friends or family members so that you can get used to using civilian jargon and get more comfortable with the process of talking about yourself.
  • QUESTION: What do I do for money while unemployed and searching?  

There are benefits available for veterans to take advantage of during their time of transition, but you have to do some research.  To get started, ask for assistance from an employment representative at the American Job Center to find out what unemployment benefits are available to you.

Veterans possess many sought-after skills and experiences that employers look for – the ability to work under pressure, the ability to work with a team, the ability to self-start and motivate, etc.  It’s all about how you advertise yourself through conversation and an effective resume.