What to Do When a Workplace Injury Happens

By Team StaffingForce on July 19, 2017

AdobeStock_78692984.jpegAn employee injury is a very serious issue, which is why we wrote about preventing them in our previous article. As an employer, you must do everything you can to provide a safe environment for your workers, and when something unexpected does happen, you have to deal with effectively as an employer. You should immediately call for medical help for your employee, and then move on to helping your employee file a worker’s compensation claim.

Get Medical Help

Call an ambulance for very serious injuries, make sure your employee has a way to get to the doctor’s to be checked out for more minor injuries. Do what you can to make sure your employee gets the medical help that they need.

Get Informed

Find out exactly from other workers and evidence at the scene how the accident occurred. Look at the video footage if there is any, so you know what went wrong. This will help your employee file the most accurate claim, and will also help you make your company safer for everyone.

Help with Filing a Claim

As an employer it’s up to you to help your employee file a worker’s compensation claim. Provide them with the necessary forms and notify your worker’s compensation company that you’ll be sending over a form for a claim soon. Use any documented information to help with filling out the form.

Follow up with the Claim

After the claim is filed, it’s up to you to make sure that the company pushes it through and your employee is taken care of. This is a very important issue and something that you must take seriously, so remain diligent throughout the process.

Make Safety Improvements

Now that you’ve taken care of your employee it’s time to take care of the rest of your workers as well. Figure out exactly what went wrong and figure out how to make your workplace safer for everyone. This will help prevent future accidents, save you money and make your company more effective.

As an employer, you’re going to run into problems now and again, and when you do it’s vital that you know how to respond. Use these tips to keep your business operations running smoothly.