What to Do When None of The Applicants Fits the Bill

By Team StaffingForce on July 26, 2016

Photo_I_What_to_Do_When_None_of_The_Applicants_Fits_the_Bill.jpegThough job seekers may have more options these days, the fact is that employers may find it harder to fill positions with the right candidates.  Sure, you’re receiving a lot of resumes, but few of them may actually be qualified candidates.  So, what can you do?  Here are a few tips:

Review Your Job Description and Posting.

Make certain that your posted job description matches exactly what you are looking for and isn’t overly complex.  Carefully take the time to list all of the qualifications that you want in an ideal candidate.  Also determine which skills you would like to see but aren’t required.  Look to the skills of your top performers if you’re not sure where to start.    Remember, some skills can be learned on the job.  For example, if you are hiring someone to work as a cashier in a department store, then customer service skills are required.  However, it is not a requirement to hire someone with department store, cashier experience.  They will learn this specific skill within the first few weeks of the job. 

Study the Job Market and Your Competition.

Competition is a huge factor in determining your field of applicants.  You may find that there are simply too many openings and not enough candidates with the right skills.  So, when you advertise your opening, study your competition.  Find out what pay and benefits they’re offering, and figure out how you can make your offering stand out among the crowd. 

Turn your attention toward developing internal candidates

If your outward tactics fail, turn them inward toward your current employee base.  Provide training programs that will help develop qualified candidates for your in-demand positions.  Not only will this allow you to fill the opening, it will also boost employee morale through new opportunities and career advancement. 

Like anything, hiring takes time, energy, and focus. If none of your candidates are the right fit, wait it out. You never want to hire just to fill an empty position, and an “A+ employee” is always worth the wait.