What Your Interviewer Thinks of the Follow-Up Process

By Team StaffingForce on July 3, 2016

Photo_I_What_Your_Interviewer_Thinks_of_the_Follow-Up_Process.jpegIf you’re not following up after an interview, then you’re missing out on some easy “brownie” points with your interviewer that could push you to the top of their hiring list.  However, there is an art and protocol that goes into the follow-up.  You don’t want to be forgotten, of course, but you also want to avoid coming across as pushy or desperate. It all depends on the hiring manager’s personal experience and perspective, though, so be mindful and strategic in your approach.

Make certain that you are going above and beyond to impress your interviewers in a respectful manner.  Here are some simple guidelines, from interviewer’s perspective, that will make you stand out without going over the top:  

  • Send a Thank You note. Whether by email or snail mail, be sure to thank your interviewer.  Experts suggest reaching out within 24 hours of your interview.  Many hiring managers say that the added personal touch really sets candidates apart from the rest of the hiring pool.
  • Keep it short, sweet and personal.  When reaching out with a word of thanks to your interviewer, abide by the 3-paragraph rule with no more than two to three sentences per paragraph: 
  1. Thank them for their time and reiterate your interest in the position.
  2. Briefly discuss a few of your strengths that could benefit the company should you be hired.
  3. Include points that you feel need clarification from questions during your interview, or add information about yourself that may have been left out.
  • Use high quality paper.  If you’re sending a thank you card, splurge on high-quality paper.  It shows that you value your prospective employer’s time.
  • Double check information. Too often, notes are sent with misspelled or altogether wrong names, titles, and company information.
  • Don’t call them; they’ll call you. Be respectful of your interviewer’s time and boundaries.  If he or she tells you that they will contact you at or within a certain time frame, don’t call unless that date passes.  Otherwise, you’ll come off as either aggressive or inattentive. 

These strategies have been proven as an effective system for following up with a prospective employer after an interview. By sticking to the points that we’ve listed for you here, you’re sure to make a positive and lasting impression.