Leadership Skills Employers are Looking For

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When it comes to leadership in the workplace, being identified as a “leader” or as a “potential leader” in any organization is a key indicator that you’re highly valued as an employee.

Not all leadership skills and abilities are seen in the same light, however. In fact, there are some that are more highly regarded than others.

These are the five considered most important:   

  1. The ability to inspire and motivate others – To be a great leader, you must be able to motivate and inspire those around you. These acts are what will essentially bring your, and your company’s, vision to life. A great leader makes their team feel invested in the accomplishments.

  2. Acting with honesty and integrity – Strong leaders set an example for their team, as they conduct themselves, always with honesty and integrity. This includes displaying these core characteristics in upholding company values and beliefs, promoting honest and ethical behavior, promoting a healthy work environment and encouraging others to following suit.  

  3. The ability to communicate clearly – Being able to clearly and succinctly explain what you want done is extremely important for anyone in a leadership position. Communication is key for relating your vision to your team so that everyone remains on the same page, working towards the same goal.

  4. The ability to problem solve and analyze situations – The true test of a good leader is in their ability to problem solve. In the workplace, you must be able to find ways to overcome obstacles. This includes clearly identifying problems, generating solutions and determining the best means of implementation.

  5. Acting with emotional intelligence – A great leader must be able to recognize, hold accountable and manage their own emotions as well as those around them. This helps to develop meaningful relationships as well as to help manage external stressors that may hinder forward movement.

While there are many skills that make a great leader, these are the most common that employers recognize.