Tips for Handling Workplace Harrassment

21. Tips for Handling Workplace Harrassment.jpeg

Harassment of any kind can be difficult to handle, but it can be even trickier when it’s happening on the job. Unfortunately, workplace harassment happens all too often, so you must be equipped with ways in which to handle it in an appropriate and professional manner.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of tips and tactics to help you handle these tough situations, should you ever find yourself in need.

  • Document Incidents. Whenever you are faced with harassment or bullying, always write the incident down. Keep details of exactly what occurred, when, where, with whom, what was said, etc.

  • List Witnesses. If anyone else - a co-worker, a manager, even a janitor - witnesses the incident, write their names down as well. You never know just how far things may go, and you may want to be able to have more than one account on your side should it come to a ‘he said she said’.

  • Stay Level-Headed. In situations of harassment or bullying, it can be tempting to rise to the perpetrator’s level and react, but keep your calm as much as possible. Often, they’re looking to get a rise out of you, but it only adds fuel to the fire.

  • Say Something to the Offender. Don’t be afraid to speak up, and tell the person that their behavior is absolutely unacceptable.

  • Ask for Help. If it comes to it, seek help from your supervisor.

  • Seek Out Company Resources. Find out if your company can provide a mediator or harassment advisor. Many have employee assistance programs that can offer help in resolving situations as well as provide means for coping with harassment after the fact.

Harassment and bullying in the workplace is a very serious situation that should not go unresolved. Should you find yourself in a harmful or stressful position, use these tips to better navigate an amicable resolution.