What Do Candidates Look for in a New Job?

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Jobs are in high demand, and candidates are very selective about what they look for. As we mentioned in our previous article, it’s easier than ever for candidates to compare companies of interest through the use of our vast online resources. What exactly are candidates looking for in a company, though?  A little research tells us that most are looking for the following key elements:

  • Track Record – Does the company have a good reputation and successful track records.
  • Benefits – Does the company offer generous contributions to pension plans, annual leave, PTO, etc. in addition to competitive pay?
  • Technology – Does the company employ the latest technologies in-office? Do they provide laptops or smartphones for remote working?  
  • Prospects – Is the company well-positioned for the future? Is there job security and career advancement in sight?
  • Health Care – Does the company provide good health benefits and incentives like gym memberships, healthcare, childcare, etc.?
  • Flexibility – Does the company provide flexible working hours? Do they promote a proper work-life balance?
  • Reward – Does the company reward employees for meeting or exceeding their potential in the form of bonuses, extra time off, social events or early leave?
  • Location – Is the company in a good location? Do they provide opportunities to work remotely?
  • Office Environment – Does the company offer the right tools to succeed in a nice work space? Is the environment stimulating?
  • Compensation – Is the company offering a fair pay package? How much will your employee benefits contribute to the annual salary packet?
  • Values – Are your values aligned with the company’s values? Does the company care for the wellbeing of their employees? Do they create a caring culture?
  • Company Culture – Will you feel like part of a team working towards the same goals?
  • Supportive Networks – Is there a network of support in the form of mentors, regular check-ins, etc.?
  • Development – Will you feel challenged in the position and within the company?

Candidates are attracted to companies who ultimately look out for their best interest and can provide a competitive, secure and healthy work-life balance. So, when you’re reviewing your culture and compensation in 2018, keep these points in mind!