Overlooked Talent Pools Might Be the Best Recruits You Ever Make

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Every company in every industry is looking to recruit the best. They’re all competing for that new crowd of Harvard MBAs or ex-Googlers. But, the truth is that you may be overlooking an equally qualified group of potential employees that are just as valuable. Here are a few groups that you should be looking at when seeking out all-star talent:

  • Parents – Employers dream of hiring teams of seasoned professionals ready to dive into the deep end. But, have you ever thought to look to your local playground? The candidate pool is just teaming with experienced professionals who turned into stay-at-home parents now looking to get back to work. And best of all, these candidates are often looking for flexibility, which is ideal for smaller companies looking to hire remote or part-time employees.  

  • Veterans - Veterans are tech-savvy and wired for everything from customer intel to robotics. Yet, companies often overlook their amazing skill sets, particularly when it comes to technology, team building, leadership and transparent decision making.

  • Boomerangers - Boomerangers are older workers, those who have retired but are eager to return to work or scale back from full time. This crowd brings deep business experience, extensive networks they can call upon and loyalty. A 2016 study found that workers over 55 had a median tenure of more than 10 years compared to just 2.8 for Millennials. Plus, multi-generational workforces are more productive and tend to have less turnover.

  • People with Disabilities - People with disabilities, including those with invisible disabilities, are excellent problem solvers. From greeters to managers, they succeed because they’ve had to navigate a world that simply wasn’t built to accommodate all of their needs.

  • Career Pivoters – No industry has been spared from turmoil or transformation. From advertising to healthcare to retail, there are people who have spent a decade or more working their way up in a field that may have vastly changed, or they simply decided to reinvent their careers elsewhere. But, these cross-industry finds have the agility and skill to fit into any industry.

Talent is out there. So, get creative, and look outside of your normal resources to find these candidates and their universally coveted traits.