Keywords Recruiters Look for When Seeking Top Talent

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As job seekers strive to perfect their resumes, it's important to know just what recruiters are looking for and how they spot top talent. Often recruiters, in their initial skim of resumes, are looking for certain keywords and phrases. If job seekers match their experiences with these types of sought-after skills and experiences, recruiters are more likely to take notice and continue reading.

So, just what are some of the most sought-after keywords that can set one candidate apart from the next? They include:

Problem-Solving – This keyword displays great strength in a resume because it illustrates a candidate’s ability to approach challenges and solve them. No matter what level position you are applying for, problem-solving is a skill that absolutely every employee will use in the workplace.

Written Communication – Many job seekers underestimate this skill, but it’s actually one of the strongest skills that recruiters look for. Strong writing abilities give you a better chance of getting the job that you want, because most of the communication between employees and management will be through writing. This skill therefore shows that a candidate is prepared to communicate with upper management.   

Leadership – Recruiters always look for leadership experience on resumes because they want to fill positions with candidates who possess the skills associated with good leaders. This demonstrates confidence in decision making, listening skills and an ability to be a team leader.

Team Building – Companies ultimately achieve their goals through strong team efforts. So, when a job seeker can show their ability to work in a team and collaborate, recruiters take notice.

Job seekers who are able to demonstrate keywords such as these and provide examples with experience will stand out among other candidates. Recruiters make a point to look for these types of skills on resumes, so make the most of this first impression.