How to Find Information About a Company Before Your Interview

5. How to Find Information About a Company Before Your Interview.jpeg

When it comes to job interviews, candidates are no longer the only ones in the hotseat. Today, companies have to compete, too, and they all want the cream of the crop. If you know you're a top-notch candidate, then there's certainly no harm in letting potential employers compete for you. Of course, that's going to require a little work on your end, as well, because you'll need to research the companies in order to compare the pros and cons of each.

Here are some tips for researching a company before your first meeting:

  • Become acquainted with the company's financial situation using public reports, Crunchbase, and even a simple Google search.

  • Check out the company's social media profiles. Are they young and hip and energetic, or is the vibe a little more formal than that?

  • Call the company and pretend to be a prospective customer. Ask questions, and pay attention to their sales pitch.

  • Learn about who their competitors are and what sets this company apart.

  • Read online reviews from current and former customers.

Any chance to gather information about the company is one you should take! A career move is a big decision, and you certainly don't want to let anything sneak up on you.