What You Should Never Include in a Help Wanted Ad

16. What You Should Never Include in a Help Wanted Ad.jpeg

Job advertisements are key in catching the eye of your perfect candidates. While there are many factors that play into attracting applicants, the most important part is how you word your help wanted ad. There are certainly many elements that you should include, but there are also a few that you shouldn’t. Let’s take a look:

Vague Job Descriptions

A vague job title and description won’t get you very far. Use words that job seekers are specifically searching for. For example, if you’re advertising a sales position, don’t call it a “Marketing Coordinator” position. It’s misleading and confusing. Make titles and descriptions accurate and keyword friendly.  

Also, don’t eliminate or hide any information, like expected compensation. Anyone searching for a job is specifically looking for this element. Even if you only provide a range based on qualifications and experience, you must give potential candidates some idea of what they can expect in return.  

“Preferred” Requirements

When you start listing excessive “preferred” requirements, it’s a turn-off. For example, if you say that you would prefer someone with a Master’s degree, it’s misleading and confusing. What your potential candidate is reading is that you would settle for less if no other applicant comes through. Job seekers want to know exactly what you’re looking for, not what you prefer. You’re closing the net on yourselves by doing this, because your “preferred” requirements may turn away perfectly qualified, experienced candidates who might only hold a bachelor’s degree. Don’t lose qualified applicants because of your uncertain expectations.

Excessive Details

Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary to list every single skill or responsibility in the job advertisement. Job seekers aren’t searching for details; they’re searching for jobs that they are qualified for. Keep descriptions short(er) and concise. Serious applicants will go to your career site to find all of the necessary information.  

Remember, help wanted ads should attract qualified job seekers, so don’t overthink it; just be straight-forward and assess your own expectations.