HR Technology That Will Connect You to Top Talent

Most often, employee turnover rates are due to bad hiring decisions. And, unfortunately, those decisions can cost businesses thousands of dollars in recruitment and training costs, not to mention time. That’s why connecting with and hiring top talent is crucial to a company’s success, though it can be a challenge. Recruiters face tough time crunches, budget hurdles and more that all affect the hiring process. Fortunately, those who are implementing more HR technologies can streamline the process and better connect with qualified talent, instantly. Here’s a look at some of these technological resources HR professionals are using to make a splash:     

  • Social Media – Most job candidates these days prefer to use social sites like LinkedIn to job hunt, and this trend is only growing. Social media is a great way for businesses and job seekers alike to connect, as it breaks down those cold, mechanical barriers and shows brand personality to better attract candidates to a position that might otherwise read as bland in any other form. It immediately encourages open engagement and open lines of communication.  

  • Email - Email is used within all businesses as a means to communicate with fellow employees, but it’s also the main way to communicate with potential applicants in this day and age. For HR professionals to truly win over interested candidates beyond simply receiving an application, email is encouraged as a means to keep an open and informed line of communication throughout the recruiting process, as it’s just as important to let candidates know where their application and efforts stand so as not to waste their time. This encourages confidence and future correspondence.

  • Mobile – Today, most job seekers use their smartphones to look for opportunities on the go. So, is your HR team able to function and advertise in this new realm? Roughly half of career pages aren’t yet optimized for mobile devices, which leads to missed opportunities and qualified candidates.   

It’s time to embrace technology as a primary resource for recruiting and communicating with top talent.