Top Buzzwords to Include and Avoid On Your Resume

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When it comes to resumes, you don’t have much time to make an impression. Nearly every single word that you include will be analyzed and either help get you noticed or knock you right out of the competition.

Buzzwords to Include on Your Resume

The best buzzwords to include are those that show action. You see, action words and phrases demonstrate concrete accomplishments that you’ve done for past employers that can translate into results for your future employer. They also like to see numbers, as they best demonstrate in clear, measurable terms how you added value to your previous companies.  

With all of this in mind, these are the top buzzwords you should include in your resume to better grab a potential employer’s attention:

  • Achieved

  • Improved

  • Trained or mentored

  • Managed

  • Created

  • Resolved

  • Volunteered

  • Influenced

  • Increased and decreased

  • Ideas

  • Launched

  • Revenue or profits

  • Negotiated

  • Under budget

  • Won

Buzzwords to Avoid on Your Resume

Employers don’t want to read vague, clichéd words. Terms like, “hard worker” and “team player” come to mind, as they do nothing to demonstrate how you actually added value to your previous position. So, avoid the following buzzwords to stay on any potential employer’s radar:

  • Go-getter

  • Think outside of the box

  • Synergy

  • Go-to person

  • Value add

  • Results-driven

  • Team player

  • Bottom-line

  • Hard worker

  • Dynamic

  • Self-motivated

  • Detail-oriented

  • Strategic thinker

To make your best impression, we recommend focusing more on the skills, results and accomplishments that are related to any potential job you will be applying for. Once you start doing this, you’ll be able to get your resume noticed and sent straight to the top of the list.