10 Things Every Employee Should Know About Their Position

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For employees, keeping up with the latest company objectives and news can sometimes become burdensome when information isn’t properly communicated through the various channels. That is why it is up to those in charge of internal communications to not only promote a positive, communicative work culture but also ensure that each employee is well equipped with the information that they need to succeed.      

In order for employees to be truly productive and engaged, they must understand certain fundamental things about their work. It’s an essential part of the onboarding process as well as key to overall employee performance. So, every employee should be equipped with the following information once they take their position:   

  1. What products and services does the company offer? How does the company positively impact the customer?

  2. How can the company’s vision be summarized? 

  3. What is the organization’s mission? How do we implement this vision? 

  4. Who are our main competitors? How are we different from them?

  5. How does my job specifically contribute to the company’s overall success?

  6. Who does my boss answer to? What are the responsibilities of my boss and his/her boss?  

  7. Who is my HR contact?

  8. Does the company offer any growth and training opportunities?

  9. Which techniques and tools are available to me to make my work more effective?

  10. Are there ways to get more involved with the company? Are there company events, initiatives, etc.?

Ensuring that employees can align their efforts behind shared business objectives means that certain avenues for communication must be in place to make the necessary information clearly available to those employees who it effects. By providing the answers to these ten questions, employees will be well on their way to fully understanding their positions and experiencing fulfilling work lives.