When to Speak Up at Work

7. When to Speak Up at Work.jpeg

The workplace is undoubtedly one of the most diverse areas you’re going to encounter. With so many opinions and views, not everyone is going to be on the same page the entire time. That's actually a good thing, but when something happens or when things go too far, when should you speak up and when should you just let it slide?

When it comes to your job being in jeopardy because you do not speak up, then you may want to consider speaking up and doing so quickly.

  • Any form of harassment in the workplace - This is unacceptable on all levels and someone should know about it. This is not something to keep to yourself, no matter how silly it may sound. The same goes if you’re just someone that witnessed the harassment and didn’t experience it firsthand.

  • If you don’t understand something - Hey, it’s okay to ask questions every now and again! You need to be able to understand what you should be doing and asking is the only way to know!

  • When brainstorming - If you’re in a meeting and there are a lot of ideas being thrown around or if there are none, but you have one, let them know!

  • If you witness something illegal or wrong - When this happens, you definitely do not want to keep it to yourself. Not only is this something good for the workplace, but also for your conscious.

  • If someone takes credit for your work - Don’t let them take credit for something that you did. Make sure to speak up and let them know that you were the one that did it.

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