Emerging Trends in Human Resources and the Millennial Workforce

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As we’re in the age of the Millennial workforce, human resource managers have been asking themselves how best to leverage the strengths of this group of workers. It’s all in effort to figure out what this generation ultimately needs to be successful and motivated at work. So, what do you need to know about the newest generation taking over the workforce? Here’s what they’re looking for:

  • Technology is Key: When it comes to overall communication, Millennials want companies to incorporate new technologies that ultimately promote increased collaboration amongst employees. This applies to everything from email, texting and chat forums, to social media, and beyond into other emerging technologies.

  • Collaboration: Millennials want to be heard by leadership and are looking for more opportunities to collaborate with leadership. Their goal is to establish relationships through frequent interaction and conversation.

  • Engagement: Millennials want to be and feel valued. So, listen, and engage in the exchange of opinions and ideas. They feed off of constructive feedback and seek mentorship-like relationships for guidance and growth.

  • Team-Driven Environment: More than any other generation, Millennials truly enjoy working in and being a part of a team. They want to meet new people, make friends with their co-workers, and work with a diverse group of people. With this, Millennials typically look forward to the work that they’re doing and bring a positive attitude and drive to the table.  

  • Financial Incentive: For Millennials, it’s all about work-life balance. But, achieving that balance still requires adequate financial incentive and job security.  

Like all other generations, Millennials just want to have a sense of purpose in the workforce. They want to know where their career is going and what they need to do to get there. Employers who recognize these needs will be able to leverage emerging employee trends, and use them to benefit both the organization and their millennial workforce.