Before Your Employee’s First Day: A Pre-Boarding Checklist

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Starting a new job can be both exciting and anxiety-inducing. It’s a huge adjustment for everyone. But, with the proper pre-boarding process in motion, HR can help make an employee’s transition much smoother. After all, it’s all about creating a great employee experience at all stages. That’s how you create a positive work environment and employee retention. So, here are some steps that every pre-boarding check list should include:   

  • Acknowledgement – While you may be used to the hiring process, the fact is that getting a job offer doesn’t happen every day for your new employee. So, acknowledge their accomplishment, and congratulate them on their acceptance. You want your new hire to feel welcome and appreciated.

  • Collect Information – Ask new hires to share the necessary personal information for your records as well as for what’s needed to set up payroll, taxes, etc. 

  • Employee Handbook & Benefits – Send new employees a copy of the employee handbook so they can learn about your policies, culture, resources and more before they arrive. This saves everyone time and ensures that they know what to expect from day one. You’ll also want to share your benefits guide so that they have time to look over all options and ask questions, early, for a smoother enrollment.

  • Contact – Before a new employee’s first day, send some kind of correspondence that details exactly what they can expect on their first day. This might include calendar invites for onboarding meetings, parking details, dress-code information, clocking in, etc.  

  • Email Set Up – Have your new employee’s company email already set up when they walk in. This way, they can be included on all office correspondence and invites and be ready to hit the ground running.

A strong pre-boarding program will set a positive tone with your company from the start and set employees up for a successful first day and path toward a long company career.